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Stratford Families Love Stratford Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Stratford Chiropractic & Wellness Centre patient testimonials below and please email us or contact our Stratford chiropractic office if you have any questions.

The Best Chiropractic Clinic I Have Visited

The whole experience was highly professional and well organized. Probably the best chiropractic clinic that I have visited, and I have seen quite a few over the last 40 years. Please keep up the good work.

Pierre G.

Absolutely Wonderful!

I appreciated the staff so much during my first few visits. I had my 3 week old daughter with me and everyone was so willing to help take care of her so I could have my consultation and adjustment. It was absolutely wonderful!

Lindsay S.

Feeling Great Improvement

I am already feeling a great improvement in my lower back. I have not experienced any further muscle spasms, nor have I required any further muscle relaxant medication. Thank you for your help today.

Jane F.

Amazing Doctors and Wonderful Staff

Amazing doctors with a wonderful staff. I am very happy and excited to take my health and wellness in a new direction. I can’t wait to try out some of the other services the wellness centre offers.

Julia Mc.

Well Run Clinic

I have never been to a more well run clinic! Everyone knows what they are doing and they are all so positive and helpful. I do not have enough positive things to say about my experience!

Ashley F.


I really felt comfortable and well filled in on everything.

Dan W.


Amazing! Super friendly, so glad we switched to this clinic!

Shelby B.

Friendly And Helpful

A very good welcome by all the staff. Dr. Pip took the time to explain everything to me in ways that had not been explained to me by any other chiropractor. I found her to be very friendly and helpful.

Mark S.

Very Personable

Dr. Mike is very personable, I look forward to having him as my chiropractor!

Jackie K.

Great Service

We have had great service. We will continue….ongoing, realizing that we need this service for optimal health.

Loretta H.

Family Enjoys Their Visits

A very caring atmosphere throughout the clinic in person and via phone. Our family enjoys their visits/appointments and how their health benefits.

Nancy R.

Visit Was Beyond Exceptional

My visit was beyond exceptional, very helpful, and was much better than I ever thought possible. Thank you for your wonderful care.

Charity C.


Everyone is truly fantastic. Never a bad experience. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Melinda M.

Truly Caring

I felt that all the people were warm, friendly and truly caring. I feel that I am now on the road to recovery.

Terry C.


Dr. Blair and Staff are excellent every effort is made to make you feel comfortable!

Carrie P.

Friendly Staff

Very friendly staff. Office was professional, quiet and private.

Barb S.

Love My Visits

I absolutely love my visits. My concerns are listened to and I feel understood each and every visit. I leave feeling better and always look forward to my next appointment.

Justina D.

Helpful And Attentive

Great initial experience. Staff were very helpful and attentive. Thank you!

Alissa D.


Dr. Penrose is so knowledgable and made me feel very comfortable about having an adjustment while pregnant!

Robin V.

Wonderful Staff

Beautiful, clean and bright building. A modern, up-to-date facility. Wonderful staff.

Dorothy B.

Friendly Staff

Friendly staff and a very warm welcoming feeling in office and waiting room. Heated floors are an amazing touch!

Denise D.


Dr. Mike, Tanya, and Pip perform at the highest college level. They are smart, insightful, and most important they are very, very talented. At the same time the first experience with the front line staff is the equal of the practitioners and I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and empathy.

Peter C.

Recommend For Small Children Or Infants

I would recommend Stratford Chiropractic & Wellness Centre to anyone with small children or infants. We trust their care 100%.

Joani G.

Glad I Made The Connection

I was invited to the wellness evening at the country club. The evening was great, loved the format. I know there’s a chiropractor around the corner from my home but decided to go to yours! All the staff is great.. super energy glad I’ve made the connection.

Diana O.

Journey To Feeling Better

It was my first time coming into a chiropractic office and I was very nervous. Everyone was very friendly and quickly put my mind at ease about any concerns I had. I was very happy after leaving my first consultation appointment and I am looking forward to the journey to feel better!

Jill P.

Best Experience

Dr. Pip has giving me great hope and I look forward to my next appointment. Integrating x-ray exam and future review its smart and differentiating from other clinics! My first visit was the BEST experience ever from a medical professional! Thank you!

Carol S.

Family Welcomed

The staff and doctors are very professional and welcomes me and my family every time we come in. We have active kids and everyone is very patient with us. Thank you to all.

Mark J.


The ladies at the front desk were very welcoming when I first arrived. Dr Mike explained everything to me and put me at ease for my first adjustment. Thanks to all!

Cindy B.

In Good Hands

Very thorough, I certainly was never in doubt I was in good hands. My initial visit was very informative and I was made to feel comfortable during the entire appointment.

John T.

You Heard Me

It was nice that you heard me about my issues and acted on it! I will definitely recommend this business to anyone who is having any kind of issues that need looking at. Thank you for the positive response to my needs!

Tammy H.


The ladies at the front desk were very polite and extremely helpful. Dr. Pip is amazing, she listened to my concerns and explained her course of action in great detail. I feel I am in great hands with Dr. Pip!

Jayme S.

Faith In My Chiropractor

It was great to find out that I could get x-rays done here. I have seen chiropractors for 20 years and have never had x-rays done to see how my spinal system is out of whack. I have faith in my chiropractor more than my own family doctor. So far I am extremely pleased with the professional services supplied by Dr. Blair and Dr. Mike.


We have gotten more sleep in the last 2 weeks than we have in months…

My hubby and I were totally against chiropractic care in the beginning but after trying everything we could think of and a month of very little sleep at night we went to Stratford Chiropractic & Wellness Centre. We see Dr. Tanya Chambers. She is amazing with my little one and listens to all of my concerns, even the littlest of things. We have gotten more sleep in the last 2 weeks than we have in months and my little one is in much better moods.


I noticed overall health benefits including digestion help, teething help…

I took my daughter at 12 weeks old when she was crying for 3+ hours every night and nothing seemed to be working. My family doctor kept passing it off as colic but my gut told me it was something else. The Chiro care she received was amazing and her crying lessened with every spinal adjustment. We actually realized she had a tight neck on one side. I wasn’t sure what to expect since she was only 12 weeks old but everything was explained, was light-touch, and the changes I saw in my baby just kept getting better and better. I noticed overall health benefits including digestion help, teething help, and the staff at Stratford Chiropractic & Wellness Centre really made me feel welcome and never questioned my gut feelings about my baby.


Good Food…. Good Wine…. Good Life…. I’ve always enjoyed the first two……………Now I think I am about to begin to enjoy the third!

I had no expectations when I called on Tuesday, I was just kinda reaching the end of my ability to cope with the “new” pain I was experiencing. “New” pain combined with my chronic “old” pain was just more than I could bear so it was time for some action on my part. When I left the office on Wednesday I had a “silly grin” on my face that I wasn’t sure what it was about and then I read the literature you gave me and found that this is a very common response to an initial adjustment. Thursday morning I had a good cry, brought on by the new found belief that there is hope for me to live pain free. This was like therapy. And then Thursday after work I got into my car and turned my head to back out and it didn’t hurt! I just had to tell you how positive all of you have made this experience. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to feel even better!

Angie M.

Chiropractic helped with my pregnancy!

Leading up to my 36th week of my pregnancy, I began to feel the effects of the changes my body was going through. I was experiencing pain in my back, legs and feet and stiffness in my hips. I was worried that the remaining time of my pregnancy would be spent in discomfort. I decided to seek help through chiropractic care for the first time. I was unsure about what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised by my experiences. After my assessments and the first few adjustments I began to notice significant changes in how I felt. I was no longer stiff in the mornings and could make my way through the day without pain and with more energy than I had had in the weeks before. When friends and family asked how I was feeling during the last weeks of my pregnancy – I replied “Great!” I ended up enjoying those last few weeks and feel that the care I received helped in a wonderful delivery of our baby girl. The Stratford team took the time to get to know me and offered the care I needed to not only relieve my symptoms, but to get me on the road to overall wellness.

Christine I.

No more pills!

I was 53 years old and had never been to a Chiropractor in my life. I had always gone to my family doctor for help and every time I got pills and got told to take it easy. This treatment helped for a short time and then the pain was back. I knew I had to do something else so I called the Wellness Centre and I got an appointment at Stratford Chiropractic & Wellness Centre. When I went, I was in so much pain I couldn’t feel half of my right foot, my right leg was in pain and my right buttock was in discomfort so bad I could hardly sit down. They smiled at me and said I can help you. I said okay, make me a believer and he did!! I can walk and sit now with no pain. Chiropractic treatments did change my life.

Barbara H.

Chiropractic can help infants and children too!

Brayden had “tummy troubles” and was terribly upset when trying to go to the bathroom. We brought him to Stratford Chiropractic & Wellness Centre around 9 weeks of age… it took not more than 2 weeks of treatment to see a 180 degree change in Brayden’s attitude and level of discomfort. We continue treatment 1-2 times/week and Brayden continues to thrive and be the happy little man we always hoped for! The Stratford staff are top notch at not only dealing with little ones… but also their “chiropractic rookie” moms. He is continually explaining the adjustment process and the reactions we should and ARE getting! The office atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and Brayden always looks forward to his visit! I would recommend Stratford Chiropractic & Wellness Centre to anyone with small children or infants. We trust their care 100%.

Joani G.

Chiropractic helps in maintaining your health!

Chiropractic care has not been my choice in the past for improving my physical health, however, after two weeks of daily chiropractic care/adjustment, It will be my first choice. Lesson number one….no matter how busy you are, find the few minutes it takes to maintain your health.

Laura L.

Great Experience!

Very helpful. Great experience.

Dave A.

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